Monday, August 27, 2007

Oh Boy do I have a lot to talk about. First off, Happy Birthday to my bestest sister in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! She turned 24 on a day this weekend. He he he.

Next up.....Very good news on the video camera front. It has been found. I didn't know whether it was stolen or if I just lost it. Luckily I found it. I have no idea how it was placed where it was but it has been found. I was so excited I jumped for joy, gave Jason a huge hug and screamed. Yes, that's right, Screamed. Woo Hoo! You ask, where did I find it? Well the drawer to my filing cabniet wasn't shutting. I thought maybe a computer cord was caught. I was cleaning this weekend and I kept trying to shut it. Finally I looked down and seen a strap. I picked it up and there was my camera. Now I can start video taping my dog shows again and sharing it with the world. I need a You Tube account :-) I think I'll start one tonight.

This weekend was a very hot weekend. Not as hot as my friends are down in MS but it was around 96. I woke up on Saturday really wanting to go hiking. We decided to take Taylor and Chase. Tay needed to take a trial hike before we made the final decision to take her backpacking this weekend. She failed. After 2 miles of hiking she was exhausted. Both the shelties were actually, which is surprising. I did get some really cute shots of them though and of the falls. We had planned on hiking the full 8 miles but ended up stopping about 1 mile in where the rivers meet. We stopped for the longest time at the 3 waterfalls. I tiptoed across rocks to get closer to feel the mist. Since it was just us we took the Shelties off leash. They started running around like mad dogs. Chase ran a little too far and ended up in a very deep pool of water. Poor thing wasn't expecting to go for a swim. She was just kicking and kicking. She had this look of fear in her eyes. Once she calmed down I kept calling her over to me and finally she came. Check them out....The Plunge
Tay waiting on Chase to arrive back on land
I absolutely love this photo.

Labor Day Plans......
Speaking of Labor Day, Carie, wouldn't it be funny if you had little Peanut on LABOR DAY! Ha, I crack me up.

Ok, so I told you all we decided not to go to Maine. We're heading to the Adirondacks. Jason and I have decided to become 46ers. A 46er is someone who hikes all the 46 tallest peaks in the Adirondacks. Each trip you take you fill out a report summarizing the trails you hiked, how you felt, weather, etc. Then you send it in and they keep track of your summits. 20 of the 46 do not have trails so once we get our GPS we're going to start bush wacking and getting those. I'm very excited to become a 46er. Luckily the summits are not very high. Marcy being the highest at 5344 feet. We packed our bear bin (which is required) and packed our bags.....Oh wait....

All My bags are packed, I'm ready to go
I'm standing here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye

I'm leaving to go hiking
I don't know if I'll be back again

Nope, not drunk or high, just a little crazy tonight.

Well I better stop right there. He he he

Monday, August 20, 2007

First off Happy Birthday to Jacqui. You're younger than Jason is! He he he.

Now to catch you guys up on what's been going on.....

Farewell to Maine, Hello Adirondacks
We did some research and spoke to several people in the area about our trip to Maine. We found out it was going to take a heck of a long time to get their. Longer than we had originally though. So we decided to save Maine until next year when I have more vacation time. Now we're heading to the Adirondacks. We're both really excited because it's been a really long time since I've been to my favorite place in the world. We've decided to hike the Hurricane Mountain and stay for the night. Since we've chosen the Adirondack park we had to purchase a bear bin. They require it. Actually, if you are caught without one they will make you head back. So, we picked one thats approved for both black and grizzly bears. I can't wait until next week when we head out. We've also decided to leave Kenzie at home and take Taylor for her first backpacking journey. I hope she'll enjoy it.

Sad disappearance of my video camera....
That's right, it's gone. I don't know if it was stolen or if I lost it. The last time I seen it I was at the DOCNA trial. It sucks too because I just got it back in February. I'm not sure if I'll get another one. It was a lot of money to lose. But, then again, I miss taping our agility trials. We'll see.

Port Jervis Agility Trial
On Friday we headed to Port Jervis, NY for a agility trial. We arrived about 7:30 or so. Just in time to set up camp before dark. The trial sight was beautiful. We positioned ourselves where we had campers only on one side and then the woods on the other. For more than one reason too (no bathrooms in the camper). So, I went in the woods all weekend :-) I waited until dark too so no one would see where I was going. Friday night we had a rough storm. The camper was rocking like crazy but it only lasted for about an hour or so. Then it was sleepy time. On Saturday our first walk through wasn't until around 10:00 so we slept in, well 7:30 was sleeping in. When we woke up we noticed that Tasha was acting strange. She wouldn't go outside we had to place her outside to go to the bathroom. Normally she follows the pack in and out. When she's cold too she's the first at the door to come inside. When we called the furkids in she just sat their and shivered. We tried calling her but she couldn't hear us. So, Jason had to pick her up. When he put her down she immediately laid down by the door and wouldn't move. Normally she just sleeps, eats and potties but this time she really wasn't moving. I was very scared. So we left and went to the trial. I talked to Jacqui and her mom about her symptoms and figured she wasn't going to perk up and possibly this could be it. When we went back for lunch Jason was checking her out and noticed that her eye was shut and it was oozing. When he opened it up it was white. So we knew we had to take her to the vet when we returned. Oh yeah, no Q's for us on Saturday :-( Chase did have a very good Jumpers run, we were so close. She also had a wonderful start line stay. Something I do not work on enough. On Sunday Tasha was feeling much better. She was moving around like normal and her eye wasn't oozing. We slept in until around 7:30 again. Then headed over to the trial. Jason ran first and got his first Ex A Q with a first place. It was really nice on a VERY hard course. When it came time for me to do my jumpers course I was kind of scared about the course. When I walked it I realized my fear. This judge was nasty. I walked the course and knew for sure we wouldn't Q. I hate to go into a course thinking that and honestly, this was the first one that really made me totally feel this way. So, time to run.....I told Chase to stay. I needed to lead out and head at least 2 jumps ahead. She broke the stay so I took off. At first we did ok but then I was lost. I've also never been lost in a course either. I told Jacqui I have added this judge to my list that I will not go to trials when they are their. After all of us finished it was time to load up. Before we loaded the Jeep we celebrated Jacqui's birthday with some cake. Umm was it good. (Jacqui, I think you should have asked who looked older) he he he. Did I mention it was cold all weekend? Weird.

Let's see, what else......

Oh yeah, we bought Dark Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz and played them together. That was tons of fun :-)

It's been raining all day today. If it's nice on the weekend it will be a great time to hike Ricketts.

OH yeah, I was talked/forced into joining a weight loss challenge. My team could win 1,000.00 though so I guess it's worth a try. I'm sure we'll lose though. I like food way too much. My weight today was 155. I'm telling everyone this so you guys can keep on me and help me lose the weight. Ahh, twinkies never looked so good...

Congrats Jacqui on Gy double Q. Just a few more to go. :-)

Too all my Memphis Agility buds.....Anyone up for a trial in Dayton, OH end of November? It's the weekend after Thanksgiving. I'd love for the clan to get together again. Jacqui will be judging so we're heading down. We'll be able to visit with the family and stuff. If not, maybe next year we can all meet up somewhere 1/2 way.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Birthday's, Q's and a great time!

Please come back tomorrow. I have no energy to post tonight. :-) I have tons to talk about though.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I couldn't share this earlier but for my momma's birthday I made her a collage. I thought it turned out really cute. I wanted to post the collage earlier but I knew she reads my blog. Mom you sure did have a couple of hotties :-)
So work has been a little crazy. Thank goodness I can goof off during the insanity. My good friend Cheryl brought me a present the other day. It's called Flarp. I honestly about cried when she gave it to me. I've been wanting a jar forever. It's kind of like puddy or jello feeling. When you stick your finger in the jar it makes a farting noise. A good one might I add. So today I wanted to let a "flarp" go. It sure made a good one too. My boss Lesley told me I could only "flarp" once a day. If I did it any more than that my flarp would end up in Toy Jail. I started crying from laughing so hard. Toy Jail????? So all of us collect experiments and all sorts of noise makers and things you can throw. Sometimes when we use them too much or it gets out of hand Lesley takes our toys away and puts them in jail for a few days. I swear, we're a bunch of little children. We also sell this thing called a keg at work. They make great wiffle balls. We hit them at people, throw them at people, you name it, we do it. Ahh, I love my job! I don't think I've ever said that before.

Monday, August 06, 2007

CONGRATULATIONS to Jacob and Trish and their new baby girl Dakota. Trish and Dakota are doing great and looking beautiful. See photos on Trish's blog:

I can't wait for her to meet Aunt Tonya when you come in October :-)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

First off my good ol "Preggo" friend (as some people call them) is in labor right now. Trish and Jacob are due to have little Critter any time now. I'm excited for them and can't wait to meet Critter when they come and visit us in October. More news on the labor front tomorrow. :-)

Jason and I have had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday we cleaned the house and kind of goofed off all day. Then we watched a 2 movies, 300 and The Contract (which was stupid). I really liked 300. I kept telling Jason how much I enjoyed the lead guy saying "Spartans" His voice was the coolest. The Contract had 2 of our favorite actors in it. Morgan Freeman and John Cusak. While the scenery was incredible, not to mention they were backpacking, the story was horrible. Jason fell asleep and I watching the whole thing wondering, what's next? Then when it ended I found myself saying "I can't believe that's it".

Sunday we decided to skip church. We slept in until 9:00 which never happens. Then we headed out for bagels and then to Hickory Run. I really hadn't planned on hiking much however we ended up hiking 7 miles in like 2 hours. Needless to say I didn't carry my pack, nor my bladder so I was dehydrated. Jason had 2 nalgene bottles that we shared. We also had to share with Kenzie. Our destination was Boulder Field. It was the coolest thing ever. You're hiking in the woods and then all of a sudden it gets really rocky and then.........100 acres + of nothing but boulders. WEIRD! How did they get their? They looked placed. Anyway, we walked a while on them. You really had to watch your footing because some shifted. The noise that they made when it shifted was indescribable. It was the coolest noise ever though. You could tell their were several layers of boulders underneath the ones you were walking on. Kenzie's feet started to hurt so we headed back. We then headed to the Leigh Gorge to check out the river. They had released the dam so the water levels were floatable. We spoke to a couple of whitewater rafters just asking about the type of paddling. Now Jason and I are searching for a new boat. We're thinking inflatable kayaks so we can take them anywhere with us. Tune in later on in the year or early next year to see what we end up with.

Anyway, check out some of the photos from our hike.

Yes, there are boulders over their too! He he, actually he was pointing out the only tree in the field (see below)

Reminds me of the Tree in the courtyard in Lord of the Rings

Here's a collage I just completed of Kenzie. It will hang downstairs in the dog area. Isn't it cute?