Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's been a while since I have blogged. Sorry Dave. I just got back from B-ville. :-) Anyway so what have I been doing for the past 3 weeks?

Thanksgiving week we had planned on driving to the ADK's to visit with my aunt before her surgery. A snow storm was moving through the ADK's so we decided to stay home and not chance getting stuck. I had to fly out the Sunday after Thanksgiving and couldn't risk it. So, Jason and I decided to do whatever came to our minds. On Wednesday we went to Hickory Run or Boulder field. I have been wanting to see the field for a while with snow. It was so beautiful. I love snow too. We took Sam and Tay with us. Sam had her new little coat on so she was nice and toasty. I will have to post a photo of Sam with her coat on a later date.

On Thanksgiving day we went to Bloom to play frisbee golf with our crazy neighbor. I wanted to play so bad. I did a few putts and then decided to try a distance throw. Big mistake. So I ended up just taking photos the rest of the time. I also spent a week healing from that throw. The day after Thanksgiving Jason played again and I went along. I was following an hawk while the guys were playing and was able to get some amazing photos of it. Hawks are probably my favorite birds and I really enjoy photographing them.

So on Sunday it was off to Memphis. I must admit, I hate Memphis. With a passion actually. The only good thing about Memphis is my friends. On Sunday night Kim picked me up from the airport and I met everyone at El Porton. It was so nice catching up with all my agility buddies. We must have been in the restaurant for about 3 hours or so. Dave had to finish is huge drink. :-) Kim was nice enough to take me back to the hotel and not make me hitchhike. HA! I spent the week in Memphis bored out of my mind for the first few days. I was excited to visit with my other friends from Memphis we met at church while we lived their. Oh how I miss them dearly. Chris picked me up in his hooptie since the poor Jeep is broken. Carie fed me, oh how the chicken was good. I also got to meet Sutton for the first time. I think he was kind of thinking "Who's this freak". I think all babies think that of me. Watch out you guys, when he gets older and comes to visit Aunt Tonya he will be right at the age where I can teach him bad things. I also got to see Lil' D again. I swear those 2 are going to get married one of these days.

I flew home on Friday and got in around 10:00. I was so exhausted from not being able to sleep while I was in Memphis. I had like 7 pillows proping me up and it still wasn't enough. On Saturday Jason played in a frisbee golf tourney so I went to aqua aerobics. The weekend instructor is about my age and tons of fun. Sunday I packed for Bentonville or what I call B-Ville for short.

Got to the office on Monday morning and I was in a hurry to get things organized. I looked at my itinerary and was dislexic. I thought the flight was at 2:30 so I was pushing Sharon to hurry up so we could get out the door. Once we got to WB Sharon wanted to stop at Lonestar and get a steak for dinner. I didn't think we had time and she mentioned the flight wasn't until 3:20. Whoops. I didn't need to be in such a hurry after all. So we ate lunch and then went to the airport. I hate to be that early too. Oh well. B-ville was tons of fun. I was so busy the whole time but I love visiting. I got Braums, Maria's, Andy's and Sonic. Umm....all of my cravings were fulfilled. I got up every morning and did aqua aerobics in the pool. Walked around in a bathing suit and everyone was staring at me. Oh well. I covered myself up with a towel. The bottom of the pool was gritty so I ended up cutting up my toes really bad so I quit doing aerobics on Wednesday. I went out every night and had a drink. It helped me sleep so good and without pain medication. Maybe I should drink more often. :-) I'm a very light drinker. I only drink Dacquiries but man, they were good. I was able to get to know Bob-O, as I call him, during this trip. The more I hang out with him the more I enjoy his company. We both work on the WM account. He's a hoot! I kept asking like 20 questions. I wanted to know everything he did at work. I like to get to know people.

Anyway, that's about it. Until next time....

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Trans Siberian Orchestra X-mas Lights

I saw this a few years ago and figured I would add to my blog. This is incredble.