Tuesday, July 31, 2007

By Tonya McKenna (he he he, professional, eh?)

I absolutely love making funny faces. Here are a few to make you laugh.

Oh Please make my mom go away! Ha, just kidding

This is a favorite of mine
Sweet and Innocent

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Congrats to us on a fun filled AGILITY WEEKEND!

First off, let me start by saying, screaming might I add "SAM GOT HER JUMPERS TITLE" . I never thought this day would come but for some reason my precious Sam just loves DOCNA. Maybe it's because she spends a lot of time with her Boy Toy Jynx. He was a little bit away but I think she knew he was up their was was on fire. :-) I was so excited for Sam. She also received her first Q in Intern. Poor Sam is exhausted now and laying downstairs. Actually, she won't get up she's so tired.

To sum up the weekend I took off work early on Friday. Of course I really didn't work hard because I had other things on my mind. After I left I headed straight over to the fairgrounds to help set up the show. First I set up the camper because I wanted to get it up before it started raining. Set up was fun. Darrel had some funny music playing and we were all dancing. Then after numerous calls to Jason (I forgot stuff) I finally felt like nothing else needed to be brought. People were starting to arrive and I was starting to get more and more excited. We only did 3 runs, if I remember correctly. A standard run, Jumpers and I think Traditional Gamblers. All the kids did really well. That night we went to sleep, or tried. Poor Taylor was irritated and was barking every few seconds. Jason finally decided at 2:00 am that he had enough and was going to head home. I told him to stay and he did. I was very excited because we had a good Saturday. Besides being exhausted all day Saturday was a good day with a few more Q's. After the show I headed over to the Breed/Rally/Obedience show. Oh my gosh, I didn't stay long at all I was so bored. I felt myself knodding off and shaking my head so I went back to the camper. Once I got back I really felt like roller blading. So, Kenzie and I went out. Everyone was shocked that I was rollerblading because they were all tired. TONYA NEVER GET'S TIRED! So we rollerbladed a few rounds and then headed back. Poor Kenzie just couldn't take it any more. After I dropped her off I went out for another lap and decided to call it a night.

Sunday was a fun day. Still tired but we all were so of course we are all a little nutty at this point. We had 4 classes and around 100 entries, I think, so I knew the show would be over quick. We ran one of my favorite things, Trigility. Jacqui's dad John ran Taylor (and did a fabulous job), Jason ran Sam and I ran Chase. We didn't Q but we had a great time. One of these days the McKenna team will get our Trigility titles. Jumpers was at the end of the day. I moved Sam up to intern and she rec'd her first Q. Woo Hoo. I was sad to see the show end but I was glad to be home so I could rest.

Sorry I didn't post this earlier. I was exhausted and didn't feel like blogging. :-)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Family Vacation

So where in the world do I begin.......What photos do I post? Which are my favorites? Well, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to sum up our whole vacation and then post all the photos on a photo viewing website so I do not have to pick and choose which ones to display.

Day 1 - Friday
My family arrived just as I was leaving work. They met me in the parking lot, which was cool. We drove to Quaker Steak and had dinner.

Day 2 - Saturday
Today Jason and I took Stacy to NYC. We drove her their so she could visit some of the museums since we would not have time on Wednesday and Thursday. When we arrived she loved the city so much she did not want to go to a museum. So, we ended up walking to Times Square, checking out some stores and we also went on top of the Empire State Building since the day was so clear. On the way over to NJ on the ferry we got to see something so wild. A passenger helicopter crashing into the Delaware River. It happened so fast that Jason wasn't able to pull his camera out in time to photograph the crash, however we did see it and took photos after the fact and during the rescue. Everyone escaped saftley but they was a little shaken up. Jason tried to get his photos in the NY Times, however they didn't use it. Blasted NY Times people.

Day 3 - Sunday
On Sunday we went to Gettysburg for the Reenactment. It was going to be 105 that day. We stayed for a little bit of the reenactment however I was started to get sick because of the heat so we decided to leave early. I was very sad because we missed the best part, Picketts Charge. Oh well, maybe next year. Since the heat was horrible we decided to tour the Hershey Factory. Now that was really neat. We also see the worlds largest chocolate, the Hershey Kiss. It had to be like 10 - 11 feet tall. Guiness was their on Saturday measuring it for their records.

Day 4 - Monday
We drove to Philly today. Again it was suppose to reach 105. The heat was almost unbearable. When we decided to visit Philly I wasn't expecting to like it. I was expecting a very dirty and unsafe city however I really liked it. It was very beautiful. We visited the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Reading Station (which was awesome), Betsy Ross's House, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We left the city around 4:30 and headed for Millville. We checked into our hotel and drove to Cape May to watch the sunset. Then we ate at the most horrible restaurant ever. Imagine me and my family eating in a ritzy restaurant. First off, I had my swim suit on and just raggy clothes. We all had planned on swimming. We walked in and immediately felt uncomfortable but decided to go ahead and eat. The ladies behind us talked to one of the wait staff about how rich they were. So, I was very aggravated and said out loud so everyone could hear "Why don't we go to the beach house later my fine fellows". I think they got ticked off because they didn't leave much later than that. The waitress was horrible and didn't like us. Oh well.

Day 5 - Tuesday
On Tuesday we went back to Cape May and decided not to stay long. To many rich people and who knows what I would have said to them. We drove to Wildwood and checked out the lighthouse. Then drove to Atlantic City, what a horrible dirty nasty place. Ghetto.....Then we drove to another light house, forget the name. Then we headed to Lyndhurst to stay the night.

Day 6 & 7 - Wed - Thurs
We spent both days in NYC. It was so much fun. By now I was sunburnt and was in a lot of pain. Let's see, we checked into our hotel, then purchased tickets for the sightseeing tours. Our first stop was the Empire State Building. My family we up and we walked to B & H photo. The coolest camera shop in the world (no kidding). Second stop was the WTC site, Third stop was the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Our first stop was suppose to be the Brooklyn Bridge however it started to pour so we headed back to the hotel. I have never been so wet in my life. We had to ride on top of the double decker bus. We held our heads down because it felt like knives on our faces. That night we ate at Ellens Stardust Cafe, my favorite.
On Thursday we boarded the bus again and headed to the Brooklyn Bridge. On the way we got to see the Naked Cowboy. I was very sad that none of us was able to get a photo of him. It was so cool. Then after the Brooklyn Bridge we headed for Central Park and then home.

Oh, I forgot to mention, we headed into NYC and planned on taking the Ferry over. Mom and Jack missed the exit and was able to drive through the Lincoln Tunnel and into NYC. I was scared, mom was hysterical but she made it out ok.

Friday - Everyone headed home and we picked up our furkids. I sure did miss them.

This weekend, we had planned on going to see the 4X4 festival however I'm exhausted and thinking about sleeping all weekend.

Check out my photos of our trip: