Monday, April 30, 2007

Living Green

A few weeks ago Jason and I watched the Al Gore documentary called An Inconvenient Truth. Now Jason and I are both not Al Gore fans but we wanted to see what he had to say about Global Warming. After watching the movie we both decided to start doing our part and helping the environment. So far our changes have been: carpooling almost every day after work, changing our light bulbs in the house to the new energy saving light bulbs and purchasing a non gas push mower. We're also going to try to find a local place to recycle. We're both very excited about this new way of life and the efforts of many others to help the environment. I highly recommend watching the documentary, even if you do not like Al Gore (mom) and hear what he has to say. Some of the photos have are amazing. For instance one of the places on our list to visit in the US Glacier National Park. He showed photos of how the parks glaciers are diappearing. He also mentioned one of the most beautiful bears, the polar bear, is now having to swim a lot farther looking for an iceberg to rest on. He even mentioned they are now finding some polar bears are drowning.

Anyway, please watch and I hope you'll do your part is saving the environment.

Now, what have we been up to lately? Well lots and lots of projects. We've been debating for quite some time as to what kind of deck we had planned on building. After our post hole digging incident we decided not to build a deck but we would try to have concrete poured. Now the cost was not bad at all but Jason and I still was not satisfied with the final look of the backyard. So, after tons of planning and discussing we decided to create a paver patio. We're both very excited and can't wait to see the patio once it's finished. So this weekend we started demolition of our existing concrete pad. Jason purchased a sledge hammer and went to work early Saturday morning. You all know me, I always have to try things as well. So, I gave the sledge hammer a few swings and it brought a smile to myself. The whole time I was singing the song "Break Stuff" and thinking how much fun destroying things is :-) he he he. Anyway, I turned the sledge hammer over to Jason after a few swings of my own and decided I would work the slate bar and let him rest after he bashed up portions of the patio. While holding the slate bar I started thinking about one of my favorite old cartoons as a kid "He Man". Yes girls, you heard it, I watched He Man and really enjoyed it. I'm such a Tom Boy. Anyway, so I'm posting some of my He Man photos. I think I kind of look like him. But, without the blond hair. I have his muscles though :-)
I had to leave Jason early to head off to my first softball practice with the church. Anyone ever heard of modified pitch? Well it's not slow pitch and it's not fast over hand pitch but it's fast underhand pitch. It's wild. The strike zone is way low which was really hard for me to get used to. Anyway, I ended up hurting myself and hurting my shoulder so I'm hoping I will not have any more physical therapy. Pray for me.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Today we fought the mountain and the mountain won. Let me explain. This weekend was suppose to be fence building weekend. We liked our fence back in MS so much we had planned on building it again here in PA. Boy did our plans change drastically. We had heard that PA was the big rocky and heard horror stories of people trying to dig in the dirt here. I just prayed it would be easier for us. So, we woke up early this morning and headed to Home Depot to rent a post hole digger. We brought it home and started working right away. Come 11:30 we had only completed 1 hole. That's digging just 2 feet deep to get below frost line. So, we decided that the mountain won and we would just put up a horse fence instead. Granted it wasn't the first thing I had in mind. Actually, I really didn't want to use a horse fence but we really do not have any choice. We're going to call some fence companies that have the big hole digging equipment and see how much they would charge to dig just 35 posts. If it's an ungodly amount due to the work thats involved we'll just call the fence quits. Oh by the way, I did something very redneck today. While digging the holes I was pulling out the rock with my bare hands. I cut myself on one of the rocks and my finger started to bleed. So instead of going inside to get a bandaid I used mud to clot the bleeding. I called it a mud bandaid :-)

This weekend also changed our plans for our deck. We had planned on digging footers for the deck and sinking them in concrete however we will not be doing that anymore. So, we're going to use those concrete blocks and make a free standing deck.

On the flip side today was the most beautiful day we've had here in PA so far. Tomorrow is suppose to be even nicer. We're planning on heading to Ricketts again for a hiking trip.

I'm still archiving my photos right now so I figured I would share a few more funny photos I found.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I've been working tonight on archiving our photos that we've taken throughout the years. If found a few I just wanted to share with everyone.
This is such a cute photo of Tasha

Skye and I dancing. I just love Great Danes
He he he
My dream Truck
Do I really sleep like that?

Ahh, those were the days! I just love this photo of you. You're holding on for dear life!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Life of An Agility Dog Star!

Well we headed for Harrisburg on Friday for our dog show. It was our first outdoors show and it was quite nice. We arrived around 7:00pm with our new Dog Motel and Jacquie and her mom came to help us set up. It was so exciting to finally have a place to stay and hang out while at our dog shows. We ended up going to sleep around 10:00 because by that time the both of us was so tired. Well for our first night in our camper I was VERY cold. Jason was paranoid about carbon monoxide poisoning and had me all paranoid so I kept the heat down so the both of us and our furkids wouldn't die in our sleep. PARANOID, yes I know. The first night in new places is always hard for Tay so she was up until around 1:00 barking. After she went to sleep though we crashed. Our new camper is so comfortable.

So, Dog Show Day 1. Here's the schedule. Get up, 6:30am, take the furkids potty and head up to the check in to get our little number stickers. After that, pick up our course maps. Then it's time to wait while they set up the course and prepare it so you can walk. Now, it's 7:30 and it's time to walk the course. First dog on the line at 8:00am. Now today while I was walking I was watching the other people and thinking, Man, we really look dorky walking around all these jumps pretending our dog is running with us and trying to figure out exactly what they are going to do. Oh look, front cross time, it's time to turn in a circle. Oh, next, rear cross time, time to wave our hand in the air and motion for our dog to go a different way. Ahh, so funny. I stopped and laughed to myself. Next, check in. Then about 10 dogs before it's time to run it's time to get your dog, take them potty again. Now it's time to wait in your line and think in your mind again exactly how we're going to run the course. Now you hear, next dog on the line. It's time for your run. Honestly, when you're running it's just you and your dog. Your both working together watching each others moves. Honestly, it's one of the best feeling in the world. Even though we didn't Q today I wouldn't have traded this day for anything else. I love spending the day hanging out with people who love their dogs, hanging out with my husband who loves agility and hanging out with my best friends in the world.

I found out that strong winds and snow/rain was heading our way overnight and several people were not coming back so we decided to also head home tonight and play it safe. I guess the governor declared PA in a State of Emergency. We did not want to get stuck in Harrisburg nor did we want to risk waiting on the snow to fall and have trouble getting our Dog Hotel up our steep driveway.

Check out some of our agility friends and the photos we took today. Doesn't the day look lovely? I was also told by the photographer at the show that Sam and I were very photogenic. Sam was whistled off the course today and I spotted her in the corner so I told Sam to pose and before we walked out of the ring we stopped just to get our photo taken :-) I can't wait to see the pictures. Here's the ones we took this weekend though.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The New Dog House on Wheels

So after about 2 years of searching around for a big dog house on wheels we finally found one that's in great shape and within our price limit.

Say Hello to the Fur X Fur Motel

Complete with 3 beds so we can share with all our friends both Furry and Human! :-)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Tammy! I sure miss all our fun agility days and hanging out with you and Charlie and the furkids! Can't wait to see you guys again!

Congratulations to everyone who Q'd this weekend. Way to go on the double Q's for Faith, Q's for Simi with MACH points, Fosters Q's and titles, Baileys Open Q. Way to go Terry and Pebbles for your first Q in Excellent. Woo Hoo! I can't wait to hear the full report about the weekend from each of you.

Friday, April 06, 2007


I'm SO EXCITED about the new Transformers movie coming in July. Wouldn't you know that our favorite 24 guy Aaron is in it? That like makes it 10 times better.

So today was a fun day. I woke up, played with the dogs, shaved Jason's head and then went to agility class. I was trying to write HI on Jason's head while shaving it but decided to do it way to far into the shaving. :-) He he he. Since Jason's sick I took all three of the hoodlums to class. Sam was wild, Chase tried to choke herself and after Tay went potty and I disposed of her droppings in a trash bag, she brought them to me. Ahh, crazy dogs. Since I have trouble breathing though I would run and bit and then talk to Jacquie. We've only know each other for about 3 months now but Jacquie is so cool. Another agility buddy!

I want to wish all my buddies in MS and TN good luck at the trial this weekend. Be sure to send a full report.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Stupid Quadratech Fun Agility

Let's begin by saying that I'm not very fond of Quadratech anymore. For those who do not know, Quadratech is a Jeep parts supplier. Back when Jason was in the accident in Memphis he ordered a part from Quadratech. After a month or so he called and they said it would be a few more weeks until the part came in. About a month later, he called again, same thing. It will be a few more weeks. So Jason called today and low and behold they no longer carry the part. So, Jason is without the Jeep part again and now we have to search for one. We haven't been able to drive his Jeep much because of it not being fixed. We're afraid he could get pulled over. Gurr......stupid Quadratech.

Fun Agility
Welcome home Jacquie. I'm so happy to hear the Gy did an excellent job at Nationals. I begged and begged Jason to take me but he wouldn't. Fixing the house was more important. No fun isn't it? We did get a lot done on the house but I would have rather went to Nationals.

Tonight we worked on some agility in the yard. All the furkids did very well. Sam was wild and hard to control but then again, that's Sam :-)

I'm sitting here on the bed watching Chase chew on her stuffed sheep with a squeaker. She just loves that thing. I just love her too. She's so great. Taylor is chewing on the bed, Kenzie is trying to get stuff off the counter in the kitchen and Tasha is just being Tasha.